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New Materials and Ingredients

|New Materials and Ingredients|Scallop husks calcination calcium
What Aquatic chlorine dioxide

Create the secondary product

There are materials which have a new material and unique character in a factor indispensable to creating the unique product of our company. A new product is born by fully grasping those character and the feature them.

New product under development

Sorry we cannot tell all, but we introduce the one of part so that there are under development.


Sanitary detergent which is being used a chlorine dioxide. It will debut on the beginning of September, 2013.

Steamer PRO

Exclusive detergent from which the scale of Towel Steamer is removed powerfully.

Rinse for Steamer PRO

Please wait a little bit longer.

Super powerful exclusive towel detergent

Please wait a little bit longer.

Cleaner for Air Conditioner

Please wait a little bit longer.

New materials
New client